Hass avocados are the preferred variety in all international markets and the predominant plantings at Sunchaser. A dedicated planting of Maluma Hass and Carmen Hass has been undertaken on a commercial trial basis.

The international avocado market continues to expand year on year due to very professional marketing and promotion of the health and nutritional benefits and culinary versatility of the fruit.

New Zealand’s current principal markets are Australia, USA and Japan with growing demand in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and China. New market development is ongoing.

The export season normally runs from August to February and fruit is packed to suit the respective markets and shipped in refrigerated containers. Increasingly the trend is to pre-ripen fruit on arrival in the market, especially for retail programmes. New Zealand is recognised as a producer of high quality avocados and commands a premium accordingly.

Because Sunchaser enjoys a unique climate, which provides for early maturity, fruit from the Island has been officially cleared for harvest in mid May. This gives Sunchaser a distinct competitive advantage.